Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hooray for Tilt

Even the best of us have done it. No matter how disciplined we stay, its bound to happen to us at some point. Especially to young 22 year olds. Today I tilted my a$$ off.

It all pretty much started with an 18-man sng at Full Tilt which I bubbled out of the money after having a huge chip lead. Then the roller coaster began. I tried multi-tabling a 10+1 MTT, and two SNGs. On the first hand of one of them I lost KK to AA. What a super deck. I also bombed out of the other two.

Then I ended up playing 50NL, flopping 2 pair with 2 hearts on the board. Each time I overbet the pot to give him bad odds to call, but he ended up calling. He was rewarded by his bad play on the river by hitting his flush, and I got stacked.

These things happen, but when it does, it really sucks. Well, there's always tommorrow I guess.

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