Sunday, December 30, 2007

Weekend Recap

Overall I guess I can't complain. I pretty much crushed my goal of reaching two hundo on Bodog, and I went deep into some MTTs, altough not reaching the final table means that the cash is almost insignificant. Although about 10 minutes ago I just finished a 10$+1 90 man SNG and finished 5th for a decent 60$. Lost a coinflip when the bigstack pushed with 1010 from the button. I figured he might have been trying to steal and did not expect him to actually have a pair, although i called with AQo which was a coinflip. Winning that one would have vaulted me into 2nd place, but alas it was not to be and I got knocked out in 5th, a not so bad effort. I think there were a couple spots where I could have pushed my stack, but I really didnt want to get caught with a mediocre hand (K10s, KQo), and so I waited and occasionally pushed when I was closer to the blinds. I guess sometimes you have to be reckless to win a tourney, but I wanted to get it in with the best hand whenever possible. Been runnin like doodoo the past day and a half, but that's what you call variance. Hopefully I can keep my wits about me and keep the bankroll intact.

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