Thursday, December 20, 2007

Start Good, End Bad

After last night's tilt-fest I decided to formulate some super-strict rules to follow, and posted them right above my monitor. Things were going well in the beginning of my session today, as I ended up winning a 3-way pot with AA to triple up from $10 to $30 (Bodog Cash Games, 10NL). After that I somehow ended up multitabling trying to enter into tables with higher average pots. That didn't work out too well. I somehow ended up dropping my profits plus a couple bucks. Great. Fittingly, the last hand for me was getting felted with...AA, versus 78o. I raised 3.5x, got a couple callers, and one evidently flopped a straight draw. He, acting before me and to my immediate right, bet the pot (~$1.40ish), and I tripled his bet (~$4.20). But people love chasing their draws without knowing a damn thing about pot odds, and so he ended up calling and hitting his straight on the turn. When the turn came I immediately put him all in, not at all putting him on 78, and, hooray again, another draw had materialized for my opponent against my monster hand (see yesterday, AJ 2-pair vs heart flush).

Update: So I couldn't help myself, and i bought in short for one last hurrah for the night ($10 into 25NL). I had K10 and called a big stack's bluff on the turn and river on a 4 10 A A 5 board to double up to $20 before I called it quits. He checked the flop, bet half the pot on the turn, took a while to think, and then put me almost all in on the river. He interestingly also bet $5.55, which felt like a tell translating to "this dude's a deuchebag, $5.55: you are trying to intimidate me out of this pot." I made a pretty good read, called him down (he had QJ for squadoosh), and took the pot to double up. I feel a little better ending the day up $7.

A lot of times in cash games, I end up doing well in the beginning and then somehow giving it all away by the end, like I am renting a friggin car or something. I guess I am seriously going to A. stop multitabling and B. stop playing when i feel the slightest bit of fatigue. I really didn't think that I was tired, but I guess I was. Maybe I should just set an amount of time to play, and then get the hell out after that amount elapses. We'll see. I also just purchased Harrington on Hold 'Em Volume 2, which I plan on reading soon. I believe that this book will help me close my tournaments better and get to the final table/win, as I have gone extremely deep several times (see previous MTT posts), including one 3rd place for $300 and another 3rd in a live tourney for a couple hundred, but have not yet closed the deal. I need to spend more time studying the game. Particularly getting idiots to fold their draws...buts that's a whole another story. Enjoy your Friday folks.

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