Friday, December 21, 2007

Today's Tutorial: How to Flop a Straight

So, um, I flopped 5 straights today. Too bad I was only in three of them. In one of the hands that I wasn't in, I decided to fold 2h6h in early position, as I have been trying to avoid limping with them so early and having to fold to a raise/call one and commit myself if I see a nice flop. Well, guess what the flop was? Meh, just 3h4h5h. I merely flopped a straight flush, too bad I folded! But overall, I am simply glad that things went my way for the two huge hands that are illustrated below. Note: I tried my best to accurately display the hand histories; its a bit tougher to do so because of the way Bodog maintains their hand history database.

Here is a hand where I flopped a straight and more than tripled up (Bodog Cash Games, 25NL, $15 buy-in):


Community Cards 8c 7h Js Ac Kc

da rat Showdown Show card: Three of a Kind
7 7 7 A K

ShipItMehrAA Showdown Show card: Straight
J 10d 9d 8 7

regtufnel Showdown Show card: Two Pair

ShipItMehrAA Hand result $ 49.90

Here I flop a straight and flush draw, and call 2 all-ins:


Community Cards 5s 7c 6c Jd Qc

Ulvtand Showdown Show card: Three of a Kind
Q Q Q J 7

EvilRODemeus Showdown Show card: Two Pair
6 6 5 5 Q

ShipItMehrAA Showdown Show card: Flush
Qc 9c 7c 6c

Ulvtand Hand result $ 27.49 (side pot)
ShipItMehrAA Hand result $ 30.71 (I win the main pot)

I also flopped a straight to the ace for a small pot, and would have quadrupled up in another hand had I limped in and called a 5.5xbb raise with my A5o (which you almost never should do), but the hands above were the 2 big pots I won this evening. I am going to continue buying in $15 into 25NL unless I get felted, in which case I'll move back to 10NL. Hope everyone did their Christmas shopping already (so that the stores won't be too packed when I go, lol)! Its the weekend baby!

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